Hey it’s National running day (I know I am late) and why I run.

A day late for National Running day and with the Race For Freedom 5K coming up I wanted to bring up why I run.  What gets me up early, on a Saturday to go run 6 or more miles?  Sometimes I honestly ask myself why it is I keep on.  Days like Monday after work when it’s hot and sticky outside.

There should be a fun pic here of my son and I out for a Saturday morning run but technology refuses to comply today, even after a flippin reboot.

In the afore mentioned picture is a couple of people that keep me going, why I run.  I want to stay in the shape I am in for my son.  I want be able to keep up with him.  I do not want him to know the guy I used to be.  I want to be around for him when he gets older, see his kids should he choose to have them.  I want to stay in shape, I do not want to go back to where I was.  So I have to stick with it and get up early and endure ugly temps at time because no one comes over and says, “hey John, you need to stay in shape, get out there and run.” that’s my job.  Why do you run?