What is my personal goal for this year’s RFF5K?

Hello all, lets discuss what my personal goal is for the 2014 Race for Freedom 5K.  I want to be faster than I was last year and I would like to place in my age category.  What does this mean for me other than run faster?  What is faster than last year?  Lets get these questions answered yo.


John wants needs to be faster.

First thing we need to look at is how fast was I last year?  I ran 3.2 miles in 27:51 which is 8:58 a mile, simple as that.  Next up how fast was the slowest person in my age group, what do I have to do to at least break in?  Answer is 26:56 which is 8:40 a mile.  I only need to shave a minute off of my over all time but in all honesty it will take more than that.  My goal for RFF5K is to be at 8 minutes a mile.

What are your running goals this year?  Do you have a specific goal for this race?  I look forward to hearing them and I will talk training and terms in my next blog.  The term I have hardest time with?  Being called a runner, it’s still an odd concept to me.  Thank you for reading and God bless you in all you do.


Back into the swing of things

Hello friends, as you all know at this point I have lost a good amount of weight.  I am now on a muscle building and healthy weight gaining program.  I started out at 195 pounds August of 2012 and am now at 231 pounds.  I also have a goal of hitting 10% body fat and keeping myself to that.  I have been becoming stronger slowly but surely and as some may already know putting healthy weight on is much harder than losing it.  As always though with God’s help I can do this and will continue to press on.

I am have been getting myself back onto a regular workout schedule these last 2 weeks.  I am currently on a 2 day split which I am starting to enjoy.  I am pushing through a couple PRs weight wise which is pretty cool.  I have noticed that when I intake the suggested amount of protein on top of eating more of the right foods really helps my performance and strength in the gym.  I tried eating like crazy while lifting last year and put on weight entirely too fast as well as put on the wrong kind of weight.  This new programs seems to be going a lot better.  I am heavier than I have been in a while but my waist is a tad smaller than when I started (44.5 now, 45 then) and according to what I have read that’s where I need to watch the measurements while trying to put on muscle weight. 

I still run twice a week.  I would really like to be faster so I need to add one more day of running plus this helps ensure I don’t put on fat as long as I am eating right.  I am not the fastest and the weather sucks to run in right now.  I prefer to run outside and barring triple digits or single I hit the pavement.  I am able to pull off a mile in just under 8 minutes which is pretty fast for me and my current goal is to sneak under the 6 minute mark.  I am sure I can do this I just need to figure out how to train for it.  I have friends and family that run and are willing to offer good advice on how to do things which is super helpful and awesome.  I miss biking and wait for the weather to warm up to break mine back out.  I would like to add a mountain bike so I can ride in less than ideal conditions that I don’t prefer to take my street bike through.

Thank you for reading my little blog about healthy living in general.  I lost 200 pound through God, family and friends.  If you are ready you can lose the weight you want to as well.  All it takes is getting started, sounds easy doesn’t it?  I didn’t say it was easy I just said it was possible.  My life has changed completely and 100% for the better.  Clothes are cheaper and easier to find.  I sleep better, I feel better.  I have less random ailments.  Grocery bill is a bit less but I eat a lot more fresh fruit and veg.  Get out there and get started, you will be amazed to find out what you are capable of if you just try.

Thanks again for reading,