I think this happens to everyone.

Here it’s been a few months since I have blogged about the weight loss and lost life style.  My name is John and I lost what some might call an extreme amount of weight.  Since that loss I have been learning how to put on muscle while eating enough of the right foods to make that happen without gaining the wrong kind of weight.  Here’s how thing have been going as of late.

I am heavy, I am weighing in at 245.  I decided when I started to lift to gain size and strength that 250 would be my upper limit for gains.  I don’t care how strong or big that my limit, period and if I hit then it’s time to change what I am eating and how I am exercising to facilitate weight loss.  My lifting buddy reminded me, you’ll lose strength and size but I can’t convey to anyone really the mental freak out session that happens when I gain weight.  I will be honest though, I am much stronger than I was a year ago and in my mind much larger physically.  I can do things now that surprise me and I am nearing a couple of my lifting goals.  I will keep on the path for now but will probably soon be on the loss lifestyle.

Life happened and I don’t think I have to explain that to anyone.  I switched jobs at the beginning of the year.  I have been fighting a legal battle non stop.  I have a beautiful little son that doesn’t check with me when he gets sick or needs extra daddy time.  I also walk out my faith and make time for God.  I went ahead and threw buying a newer car into the mix as well, heck who doesn’t want a car payment and more expensive insurance?  These things made for schedule changes and some serious nervous eating I hate to have to admit.  Here’s what I hang on to,  they haven’t stopped me or removed my will to be in better shape than most of my peers.  No matter where you’re at in your journey you can do it, stick to it and get it done.  You’ve got this and on this high holy day of over eating you can make some good choices as well as get an extra bit of exercise in.


A conversation with someone who is just getting started.

Hi there I recently spoke with someone about getting started running.  I asked her a few questions about being new to running in hopes of inspiring others to pull the trigger.  I asked these questions.  Why did you get started?  What was the hardest part about getting started.  How did you keep from quitting?  What keeps you motivated?  What was you first goal, have you set new ones since?  Let’s see what my sister Jessica had to say.  This post will be long so keep the TL:DR to yourself.

Why did you get started?  Jessica bravely admitted through some difficult times she had gained weight and wasn’t happy with who she found looking back at her in the mirror.  A job opportunity in another state provided her with a tad more time to make room for running so she did.  Her boss is an avid runner, Boston qualifier (go Kilah) has been a good source of knowledge and advice.  She said knowing her friend Kilah being as busy as a boss, mom, wife and friend could still find time to run then so could she.

What was the hardest part about getting started?  This answer was short and sweet but I think we can all identify with it.  Jessica told me that setting a date and sticking to it was what she found most trying.  Being a mom and a good employee left little time for much else.

What keeps you from quitting?  She realized it’s ok to find a good training program then to fit to her schedule.  It’s ok to miss a run here and there.  When doing to C25K program she also noticed that she had to do a week over a couple of times.  Her 9 wk program had turned into a 16 wk program and she was ok with that.

What keeps you motivated?  My seester got herself a planner and scheduled her runs.  This didn’t always go perfectly as planned and she had to run when the opportunity presented itself.  Sometimes you have to run first thing in the morning to escape the heat or the only time available is your lunch hour.

What was your first goal?  Have you set new ones since?  Jessica set out to do a 5k which is huge.  She then decided to do a 10 k and after listening to her brother’s incessant blabbing about doing the Back to Back at the Prairie Fire spring and fall half marathons Jessica decided to do a half as well.  She went on to say that a full is a goal of hers but her has her whole life fulfill it.

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read my blog.  It was weird not talking about myself for once.  Get out there and get started if you want to lose weight or have fitness goal to achieve.  With God’s strength all is possible!  Have a great day!

Some realities I have been facing after my wieght loss.

This is my personal blog about weight loss and now the work that comes after keeping the weight off and setting goals to stay on the path of a healthy life style.  I started my last journey at 400+ pounds, I started my current journey at 195 pounds, now almost 2 years later I weigh 243 pounds.  I have been working towards making a bigger stronger me.  I eat the right foods ( oh I slip, I just don’t get carried away) and I still maintain almost daily work outs of some sort.  I am a new dad and my schedule falls apart randomly as any parent knows but I make an effort to keep on track.  It’s not easy but I want to be there and be in good shape for my son as he grows so I have to stay the course.

With the efforts of putting on more muscle I have obviously gained weight.  I have gained almost 50 pounds in the same time it took me to lose 205 pounds.  Every pound gained is unsettling.  About every 5, hell sometimes once a week, I ask someone if I look like I am gaining the wrong weight.  I have a measuring tape and I keep close track of my measurements.  My brain still lies to me and tells me I am gaining the wrong type of weight.  I stand in the mirror and eyeball myself from the front and the sides, is my stomach more pronounced?  Is it water weight, have I done enough cardio this week?  Holy crap I have to stop eating whatever food I ate that isn’t normally in my diet plan, it made me look pudgy.

I was told once that I may never know what I look like due to having seen myself over weight for so long.  Recently I almost had to be convinced to go to a church function due to my outlandish concerns about how my stomach looks.  I know my church folks as one of the least judgmental groups of people I hang out with but I could scarcely get over my own warped views of how my body should look.  I went, pictures were taken thankfully, you know how I looked?  Like a dude swimming, nothing more nothing less.  It is a huge struggle on some days but if the last five years have proved anything to me it’s that God made me a fighter and with his help I will make it to the other side of this.

I know I am not the only person out there going through this.  I have friends of all types of different ages, races, sexes and weights that all deal with this struggle.  We work together, assure each other and hold each other accountable if things are askew.  It isn’t perfect but it sure helps.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a wonderful day, may God bless you in all you do.

The big race is a month away!

The Race for Freedom 5k is getting closer and I personally am jazzed.  Thus begins a favorite time of mine, a straight up media frenzy. Hashtags go out, billboards get lit up (we digital up in this mutha!), interviews happen on radios, commercials happen all up in the TV and the sosh meeds get crazy.  What motivates me is the driving force behind this.  Bringing the problem of sex trafficking to the light.  To let these people they are not pieces of meat to be sold or used and those that perpetrate this crime that their activities will not be tolerated.  I like the reminder of why I run this race and why I am passionate about getting the word out.

A little about my progress.  My schedule has been changing on the fly and making it hard to get all three runs in on top of my weight training schedule.  That being said things are going well and I am getting consistently faster, slowly but surely.  I will be taking my long Saturday morning runs down to the mileage of the race next week to prep myself for the distance.  The heat has been the usual opponent so I have been keeping a keen eye on hydration.  Speaking of hydration, how do you stay on top of proper hydration?

Thanks for reading my little blog.  Always remember through God more is possible than you can imagine.  If you’re looking for the right time to start, it’s probably right now!


Hey it’s National running day (I know I am late) and why I run.

A day late for National Running day and with the Race For Freedom 5K coming up I wanted to bring up why I run.  What gets me up early, on a Saturday to go run 6 or more miles?  Sometimes I honestly ask myself why it is I keep on.  Days like Monday after work when it’s hot and sticky outside.

There should be a fun pic here of my son and I out for a Saturday morning run but technology refuses to comply today, even after a flippin reboot.

In the afore mentioned picture is a couple of people that keep me going, why I run.  I want to stay in the shape I am in for my son.  I want be able to keep up with him.  I do not want him to know the guy I used to be.  I want to be around for him when he gets older, see his kids should he choose to have them.  I want to stay in shape, I do not want to go back to where I was.  So I have to stick with it and get up early and endure ugly temps at time because no one comes over and says, “hey John, you need to stay in shape, get out there and run.” that’s my job.  Why do you run?



Running with friends

I am not what you would call a good “workout buddy”  I don’t talk too much and usually prefer my head phones in while blaring Christian metal and or rap into my ear holes.  This being said I would like to say even when not chatting I enjoy running with a group.  I discovered this while running and chatting with the young lady that started the Race for Freedom 5k and ICTSOS.com.  We would talk about randomness and encourage each other to get over hills or we would pound the pavement and listen to the jams.  It is one of my fond memories of training with the Local Joes for the Prairie Fire half marathon and is now a tradition I continue today.


So here I am today, getting up early on a Saturday (I watched the 10 PM showing of Godzilla and wanted to sleep in) to go run with a group of my fellow runners.  I found them through First Gear and started running with them randomly.  I have been running with them off and on for a couple of months now.  Good people on the same course I trained with Jen on a couple of years ago.  The weather was perfect yesterday and it was an enjoyable run yesterday.  Now my question is do you enjoy running with a group or by yourself?  Enjoy your day, thank you for reading and may God bless you in all you do.

I still have a hard time grasping I got up early on a Saturday to run 6.7 miles before doing anything else with my day and no one told me to, I just did it.

What is my personal goal for this year’s RFF5K?

Hello all, lets discuss what my personal goal is for the 2014 Race for Freedom 5K.  I want to be faster than I was last year and I would like to place in my age category.  What does this mean for me other than run faster?  What is faster than last year?  Lets get these questions answered yo.


John wants needs to be faster.

First thing we need to look at is how fast was I last year?  I ran 3.2 miles in 27:51 which is 8:58 a mile, simple as that.  Next up how fast was the slowest person in my age group, what do I have to do to at least break in?  Answer is 26:56 which is 8:40 a mile.  I only need to shave a minute off of my over all time but in all honesty it will take more than that.  My goal for RFF5K is to be at 8 minutes a mile.

What are your running goals this year?  Do you have a specific goal for this race?  I look forward to hearing them and I will talk training and terms in my next blog.  The term I have hardest time with?  Being called a runner, it’s still an odd concept to me.  Thank you for reading and God bless you in all you do.