A conversation with someone who is just getting started.

Hi there I recently spoke with someone about getting started running.  I asked her a few questions about being new to running in hopes of inspiring others to pull the trigger.  I asked these questions.  Why did you get started?  What was the hardest part about getting started.  How did you keep from quitting?  What keeps you motivated?  What was you first goal, have you set new ones since?  Let’s see what my sister Jessica had to say.  This post will be long so keep the TL:DR to yourself.

Why did you get started?  Jessica bravely admitted through some difficult times she had gained weight and wasn’t happy with who she found looking back at her in the mirror.  A job opportunity in another state provided her with a tad more time to make room for running so she did.  Her boss is an avid runner, Boston qualifier (go Kilah) has been a good source of knowledge and advice.  She said knowing her friend Kilah being as busy as a boss, mom, wife and friend could still find time to run then so could she.

What was the hardest part about getting started?  This answer was short and sweet but I think we can all identify with it.  Jessica told me that setting a date and sticking to it was what she found most trying.  Being a mom and a good employee left little time for much else.

What keeps you from quitting?  She realized it’s ok to find a good training program then to fit to her schedule.  It’s ok to miss a run here and there.  When doing to C25K program she also noticed that she had to do a week over a couple of times.  Her 9 wk program had turned into a 16 wk program and she was ok with that.

What keeps you motivated?  My seester got herself a planner and scheduled her runs.  This didn’t always go perfectly as planned and she had to run when the opportunity presented itself.  Sometimes you have to run first thing in the morning to escape the heat or the only time available is your lunch hour.

What was your first goal?  Have you set new ones since?  Jessica set out to do a 5k which is huge.  She then decided to do a 10 k and after listening to her brother’s incessant blabbing about doing the Back to Back at the Prairie Fire spring and fall half marathons Jessica decided to do a half as well.  She went on to say that a full is a goal of hers but her has her whole life fulfill it.

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read my blog.  It was weird not talking about myself for once.  Get out there and get started if you want to lose weight or have fitness goal to achieve.  With God’s strength all is possible!  Have a great day!