The big race is a month away!

The Race for Freedom 5k is getting closer and I personally am jazzed.  Thus begins a favorite time of mine, a straight up media frenzy. Hashtags go out, billboards get lit up (we digital up in this mutha!), interviews happen on radios, commercials happen all up in the TV and the sosh meeds get crazy.  What motivates me is the driving force behind this.  Bringing the problem of sex trafficking to the light.  To let these people they are not pieces of meat to be sold or used and those that perpetrate this crime that their activities will not be tolerated.  I like the reminder of why I run this race and why I am passionate about getting the word out.

A little about my progress.  My schedule has been changing on the fly and making it hard to get all three runs in on top of my weight training schedule.  That being said things are going well and I am getting consistently faster, slowly but surely.  I will be taking my long Saturday morning runs down to the mileage of the race next week to prep myself for the distance.  The heat has been the usual opponent so I have been keeping a keen eye on hydration.  Speaking of hydration, how do you stay on top of proper hydration?

Thanks for reading my little blog.  Always remember through God more is possible than you can imagine.  If you’re looking for the right time to start, it’s probably right now!


2 thoughts on “The big race is a month away!

  1. For hydration, urine coloration is usually a good indicator for when one is dehydrated. If it’s dark yellow, then hydrate. A good coloration is clear to mild yellow color. Of course, that only helps when you’re not running. When on the run, especially in the summer heat, I always tell myself that it’s better to take tiny sips than drinking a cup of water to prevent the water from sloshing in your stomach. I usually take sips every 5 minutes, but it varies from runner to runner.

    Good luck!

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