Running with friends

I am not what you would call a good “workout buddy”  I don’t talk too much and usually prefer my head phones in while blaring Christian metal and or rap into my ear holes.  This being said I would like to say even when not chatting I enjoy running with a group.  I discovered this while running and chatting with the young lady that started the Race for Freedom 5k and  We would talk about randomness and encourage each other to get over hills or we would pound the pavement and listen to the jams.  It is one of my fond memories of training with the Local Joes for the Prairie Fire half marathon and is now a tradition I continue today.


So here I am today, getting up early on a Saturday (I watched the 10 PM showing of Godzilla and wanted to sleep in) to go run with a group of my fellow runners.  I found them through First Gear and started running with them randomly.  I have been running with them off and on for a couple of months now.  Good people on the same course I trained with Jen on a couple of years ago.  The weather was perfect yesterday and it was an enjoyable run yesterday.  Now my question is do you enjoy running with a group or by yourself?  Enjoy your day, thank you for reading and may God bless you in all you do.

I still have a hard time grasping I got up early on a Saturday to run 6.7 miles before doing anything else with my day and no one told me to, I just did it.

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