Running in a snow storm, how I managed to do it very wrong.

Here is my little blog about my healthy life style.  I currently weigh in at 230 pounds.  When I started in my endeavor to gain muscle to fill in so of the lose skin from my weight loss I weighed 195.  I have gained 35 pounds of muscle and most likely a bit of fat.  My bicep and calf measurements both went up .25 inches.  My chest has gone up at least 1 inch, tape said 2 inches today but that seemed like a huge gain in such a short time so I will double check it next week and call it 1 for now.  I glad to finally see some gain in size, I haven’t in a couple months and I am not a patient person but grind away I must to get larger.  A friend commented that I seem to be more narrow about the waist, another said I appear more defined so I am getting the results I want even if I am having a hard time seeing them. 


I went for a run yesterday.  I felt obligated for a couple reasons.  I have always wanted to run in a snow storm after having ran in a rain storm so heavy I couldn’t see more than a block ahead of me.  I missed all exercise this weekend, on purpose.  My eating still isn’t where I would like for it to be and I allowed for junk binging on Sunday due to the big game.  These things let me know that I needed to get a run in.  I checked the temp after a monster upper body session, 27 degrees, I have ran successfully in way colder temps.  I grab a long sleeve shirt, knit skull cap and my neon green asics gloves to add to my compression gear with shorts and running shoes.  I head out and immediately notice that the deeper snow ( 6inches is deep in KS folks) is slowing me down and later realize wears me out.  Snow collects around my unprotected ankles, my running socks hit just below.  Snow melts then freezes to my shirt weighing it down and making for a painful face wiping surface.  Same can be said for my gloves.  My face felt fine but I realized the snow was melting and freezing to my beard.  Snow is also melting and refreezing to my shins and calves.  After .75 miles I stop at the top of a hill, sledders looking at me in disbelief, I decide its time to head home the pain is too great and the risk of frostbite is becoming real.  I had to stop and walk, the cold and snow was draining way faster than I figured it would.  I get home and strip immediately to hop into a warm shower.  My face was beat red and my shins are bright red while my calves are blanch white ( I am pasty but they were void o color ).  Feeling slowly started to return to effected areas, the area around my ankles stayed puffy for a while.  My skin in the effected areas started to return to its normal color.  I probably just barely avoided a trip to the hospital for frost bite. 

This is a cautionary tale.  I consider myself a pretty smart runner and  I have been running for a few years now and have been through all kinds of weather at this point.  I know now if I run in that weather again that I would make a few different choices.  I would definitely wear tights, legging or thermals.  Taller socks to prevent direct contact between snow and skin.  My head sock doodad to keep the snow off of my face.  Some sort of glass to keep the heavy falling snow out of my eyes.  If you can learn something from a bad choice then maybe it was worth it.  I will chock this one up to experience and never make this bad choice again, it just isn’t worth the risk.