New PRs, lifting with a buddy and the buddy sytem.

Hello all, my results with the muscle gain have been promising.  I now weigh 230 up 35 pounds from 195.  I have been eating slightly more, picking up protein bars and meat snack sticks when I can find good deals on them.  Big lot is a great place for this, Ipicked up the 30g EAS protein bar there for $1.20 which is dirt cheap.  They were out of the Jack Link turkey sticks which are 19g protein and only cost $.90, lame.  I eat 4 eggs a day and buy them 2.5 dozen a time at Dillons which is the cheapest qty to buy em in there.  I also notice that eggs are listed as 6g of protein a piece regardless of size. I eat a good amount of fruit and veg a day but would like to get back to where I was when I was losing weight.  Eating right definitely affects attitude and over all sense of well being, when I am back on track I feel great.Cam upload 11-23-13 009

Here is a good representation of my daily diet, hi Flakes, photobombed by mooching cat.

Last week I went lifting with a friend that is built like I would like to be in a few years.  It was good to find out most of what I am doing has me on the right track.  I appreciated that he took the time to make sure my form was good and stick with me when I needed to adjust.  It also allowed me to see how strong I really am.  It was awesome to have a spotter, I usually lift alone and it was a different experience for me.  I crushed my bench max and my squat max.  I could feel that I pushed myself the next day.  I may have to start working out with him once a week in a formal gym setting, I am starting to out grow my basement set up.  He would like me to eat more (3500 cals a day) but I am always concerned with putting on the wrong weight.

I have a few friends asking advice about running.  I have myself asked this a few times.  How did I becoming the answer guy with running?  My biggest piece of advice for new runners and even ones with experience start slow and don’t head out trying to do a marathon in one day, you’re gonna end up sore and mad.  If you have a hard time making time go with a friend and schedule it then you have some accountability going.  As much as I thought I wouldn’t like running or working out with a buddy it turns out I did and do.  I miss my running buddy from the half marathon training days.  If you’re local and have the time, hit me up and we can go for a run together, be forewarned I am not a fair weather runner, the crap days make the great ones amazing.  I went for a run today and went out for an extra mile.  It was dark so I took my high visibility gloves that I bought from First Gear, first time out with them.  Them suckers are bright, I am glad I got them and it is reminder that I need more of that gear for dark or low visibility runs.

Thank you for taking the time to read my little blog about my journey in weight loss and muscle gain.  I hope you find it in you to get started today on your own journey should you choose to do so.  If you haven’t been sure when or where to start I have a suggestion, the time is now and the place is here.  Get started today, you won’t regret it.  God bless you in all that you do and thank you again for reading.

Back into the swing of things

Hello friends, as you all know at this point I have lost a good amount of weight.  I am now on a muscle building and healthy weight gaining program.  I started out at 195 pounds August of 2012 and am now at 231 pounds.  I also have a goal of hitting 10% body fat and keeping myself to that.  I have been becoming stronger slowly but surely and as some may already know putting healthy weight on is much harder than losing it.  As always though with God’s help I can do this and will continue to press on.

I am have been getting myself back onto a regular workout schedule these last 2 weeks.  I am currently on a 2 day split which I am starting to enjoy.  I am pushing through a couple PRs weight wise which is pretty cool.  I have noticed that when I intake the suggested amount of protein on top of eating more of the right foods really helps my performance and strength in the gym.  I tried eating like crazy while lifting last year and put on weight entirely too fast as well as put on the wrong kind of weight.  This new programs seems to be going a lot better.  I am heavier than I have been in a while but my waist is a tad smaller than when I started (44.5 now, 45 then) and according to what I have read that’s where I need to watch the measurements while trying to put on muscle weight. 

I still run twice a week.  I would really like to be faster so I need to add one more day of running plus this helps ensure I don’t put on fat as long as I am eating right.  I am not the fastest and the weather sucks to run in right now.  I prefer to run outside and barring triple digits or single I hit the pavement.  I am able to pull off a mile in just under 8 minutes which is pretty fast for me and my current goal is to sneak under the 6 minute mark.  I am sure I can do this I just need to figure out how to train for it.  I have friends and family that run and are willing to offer good advice on how to do things which is super helpful and awesome.  I miss biking and wait for the weather to warm up to break mine back out.  I would like to add a mountain bike so I can ride in less than ideal conditions that I don’t prefer to take my street bike through.

Thank you for reading my little blog about healthy living in general.  I lost 200 pound through God, family and friends.  If you are ready you can lose the weight you want to as well.  All it takes is getting started, sounds easy doesn’t it?  I didn’t say it was easy I just said it was possible.  My life has changed completely and 100% for the better.  Clothes are cheaper and easier to find.  I sleep better, I feel better.  I have less random ailments.  Grocery bill is a bit less but I eat a lot more fresh fruit and veg.  Get out there and get started, you will be amazed to find out what you are capable of if you just try.

Thanks again for reading,


And I am back.

Hello there, my name is John Thompson.  I have lost 205 pound in 2.5 years.  With God, family and friends I went through a life changing process.  People ask how I did it and there is no one simple answer.  I had to change everything, period.  There was a lot of not settling for what seemed good enough at the time.  There was plenty of being sore and not wanting to work out yet ending up doing it anyway.  What have I been up to since my last post?  Let’s get into that shall we?

I spent much of 2013 training for a the Prairie Fire marathon.  I was plagued with knee issues at first and every Sunday morning for a month I ran in a torrential down pour to light rain but I was always soaked when I got home.  The rain was so bad one morning that I took off my tech shirt due to it being completely soaked with water and it wasn’t breathing anymore.  The knee pain was due to an IT problem and after picking a few of my running friend’s and family’s brains added some stretches, changed some shoes at work and added an exercise to my weight routine it went away completely.  Iran it in 5:18:51 or something of the like.  I was running up until the 21 mile mark when my hip started to bother me, I started to run walk but after a couple miles decided to walk it in saving just enough juice to hit the finish line running.

Image  I was also blessed with my son at the finish line thanks to my mom and sister which added all kind of feels to the finish.Image

I am now hitting the weights again.  I slowed down a bit at the end of my marathon training to make sure my body was not in repair mode while running the marathon.  It took a couple months but I am right back on my game.  I am benching 150, squatting 120, curling 70 and calf raising 220.  Everything is moving forward at a decent pace except the curl but that is a slow mover at it is and my hernia surgery makes it even more so.  My long term goal it to be able to bench, curl, squat and calf raise 200.  I have been increasing food intake to keep up with muscle growth.  I eat about 2500-3000 a day and 200g of protein depending on hunger and availability of healthy food.  I eat more but am still keeping an eye on what goes in.  I have to make I don’t over do it or eat the wrong stuff as I still put on weight easily.  That being said I weighed 225 at last weigh in.  I am happy with this and all my clothes fit from when I was 195 so I am doing something right.

I made it through the high holy holidays of over eating again.  I wasn’t as strict this year with family and friends in town.  My work out schedule suffered at times too but I don’t regret taking time for family at all.  The truth is in the measuring tape and I haven’t gained a single inch around the belly button.  all this being said the holidays are over and it is time to get back into the swing of things.  I hit the weights for 1 hour today and ran four miles right after.  I want to keep in shape and keep getting stronger so that means back on the grind.

Thanks for reading my little weight loss blog.  None of this has been easy but it has always been worth it.  I hope you find the strength and or courage in this to get started on your own weight loss journey.  If you have any questions please ask away.  Thanks again and may God bless you in the new year.