Tales from vacation land



So here I am in Mesa AZ with my niece and sister.  I am not weighing myself this week.  I am not beating myself up about how I eat.  I am on vacation.  🙂  I am however watching what I eat and how much.  I am making sure to get exercise in while here.  Losing 200 pounds is a life style change and I have new goals to achieve. 

It isn’t hard to get activity in here, I got a 6 mile run and have been doing body resistance exercises as well.  I considered hiking a mountain tomorrow but my little niece is too young for all that so no go.  I came here to see the fam.  We spent a few hours at the zoo yesterday (cheetah pic y’all) and had a great time, lots of walking as well. I was able to practice doing some exercises with a very active 2 year old running under foot as well.  It went well my niece mostly just wanted to copy Uncle John so it went well for us both.  🙂

I can be honest here, my eating hasn’t been perfect while here.  I haven’t gone totally over board and have staying active to try and combat unhealthy weight gain.  I do miss having a weight set on hand to throw down on.  I ate plenty on thanksgiving and don’t feel the slightest guilty about it. My sister and niece eat pretty healthy so there are plenty of healthy snacks on hand so I have been snacking healthy.  Produce here is cheap and plentiful.  We took in a vegetarian restaurant today and it wasn’t too darn bad.

Did some minor black Friday shopping in the way of new work shoes and work out supps.  I did it from the comfort of my sister’s house via smart phone.  I bitch about how this thing spells shit for me at times but it is truly a marvel that I have no clue how it actually functions.  I am pretty sure its magic so don’t ruin that for me, I am old and stuck in my ways, turn that down, get off my lawn.

I hope you were able to away with your weight loss and health oriented goals through this the most hallowed of over eating holidays. If not don’t fret, a few pounds here and there are not the end of the world.  Hit it hard tomorrow get back into a routine geared towards your goals.  You can do it, get started now!  I know you can because I did. 


Tales from weight loss land

I have been slacking on my blog, here’s to getting my act together and posting on the regular again.  I weighed 195 at last check in and now weigh 198 as of Thursday last week.  That is a gain of 3 pounds which is good and I will explain why here in a bit.  This means my total loss is now at 202 pounds.  I may start tracking gains since I am now on a muscle-building cycle.

It is very hard to see gains as good after spending so much time ( 2.5 years ) doing everything I can to lose weight.  It has been helpful to have some encouragement from someone who knows this struggle.  A special thanks to Myles from MountainWestSupplements.com for taking interest in my goals and trying to help me achieve them.  I currently throw down on the weights 3 times a week, Monday arms, Wednesday legs, Friday whole body.  I also do P90X those days, I haven’t done it every single day of the week as of yet.  People tell me I look like I am still losing weight which is cool since I am gaining.

I now run and bike during the week, doing both in one day.  I am working my way towards a mini tri but I need real swimming lessons and a pool with which to get my practice on in.  These activities help with my goal of dropping fat while packing on muscle and that seems to be going well.  I also plan on doing a full marathon next year, I was hoping to get it in May but it looks like I may need to wait until Prairie Fire next year.

Big news is I managed to run a half marathon, 13.1 miles on October 14th.  I ran the whole thing in 2:11:08, paced about 10 minutes a mile.  The whole race went really well.  It was kind of cool running along and having random people tell me hi or waving to me since my team was in the paper and a local magazine.  I was really strong all the way thru.  Mile 11 and 12 were a bit tiring but when I hit the last half mile and could see the finish line in the distance I threw the green log in and hauled ass.  My legs burned a bit for a couple of days after but it was totally worth it to be able to fly across the finish line.

About a month ago I was speaking with a coworker about weight loss.  He asked what I could do to help him lose weight so he could stop hating the reflection in the mirror.  I told him the first step was to start loving that person in the mirror.  How can you expect yourself to work so hard for someone you hate?  Losing weight is hard enough, don’t add hating the boss to it.  Realise that loving yourself isn’t giving in to every random craving and over eating just because you can.  Loving yourself is working towards being healthier.  Do it for yourself and the world around you will benefit. You can do it, get started now, you’ll never regret it, ever.  Trust me, I know all of these thing for fact.  thanks for reading.