Now on to my next challenge, maintainence.

I weighed in Thursday and here are my results.  I weighed 200 last week and weighed in at 198 this week.  A one week loss of 2 pounds.  A grand total loss of 202 pounds over a 2.5 year span.  This has been my goal since I was told I weighed 400 pounds March 2010.  It feels great to have taken on such a massive undertaking and be successful at it.  The big question for me is now what?  I have been asked this before and for a while didn’t really have an answer.  Here is what I figured out after giving it some deep thought.

Maintainance will be its own challenge.  I have been geared towards losing weight in my eating and daily activity for 2.5 years now.  I have been trying to keep myself at 1900-2200 cals a day while having at least 1 hour of physical activity, with a day off here and there.  I am far from perfect in this but after the Wii Biggest Loser Challenge kind of set these parameters for me I started to stick with them and they worked.  I plan on adding 700 cals a day of healthy grub.  Yogurt, trail mix, granola, flax, hemp seed with some cinnamon for breakfast.  This is almost all of it right here.  I plan on adding a couple hard-boiled eggs as snacks.  My dinner will become larger, a piece of protein, fish, chicken, tuna and or tofu with quinoa, a greek pasta salad and or brown rice.  I don’t plan on falling back into old habits.  I was trying to think of a quick meal for dinner today and couldn’t even make myself stop for fast food, I would rather just go hungry.

I am also going to try to keep my weight around 200 but continue to lose fat by working out, running, cardio, biking and the like.  I will track this through Atlas MD here locally.  I realise that I will most likely get heavier once muscle starts building but I will cross that bridge once I come to it.  I have another goal I thought of recently that I intend to achieve.  I want to push 200, curl, upright row and bench and I mean in a standard set of ten reps 3 times.  I have been having an issue with my curls and benches not keeping pace with the rest of my muscle-building efforts and have been seeking advice in that realm.  I have heard not enough food and not enough of the excercise during the week.  I plan on lifting three times a week as well while targeting certain body zones per day.  I don’t feel like any of this is lofty or unrealistic and I can’t wait to get started.

Finally it is really amazing to think to myself that in one I will be running a half marathon.  I was selected to join a team of amateur runners to be trained to do a half marathon known as the Local Joes, follow us on twitter with the hash tag #PFMJoes and follow the marathon news with #PFM.  I once again want to take the time to thank some people and companies.  Thanks to Holly Perkins fitness, I appreciate all the advice and the training plan!  Thanks to New Balance for the shirt and the shoes, stylish and functional!  Thanks to Prairie Fire Marathon for the race entry!  Thanks to for considering me for this opportunity, I aim to do you folks proud next Sunday!  I will be taking part in the Prairie Fire Half the 14th, I am looking forward to having a nice run and finishing with a good time.  I know our (PFMJoes) main goal is to finish and have a good time so I will make sure that happens as well.  I have a separate goal of finishing with a pace of under 10 minutes a mile, I am shooting for 9:30 a mile but I will not over do it trying to achieve this.  I have worked entirely too hard for this body to put it out of commission with an easily avoided injury.  It also pays off to listen to your body and know what your capable of.

This has been an amazing journey and to my pleasure it is not over.  I have merely closed the chapter on weight loss and opened two new ones on maintaining and muscle-building.  I thank you for following along with me.  I hope that you find some strength in reading this if you are looking to start your own journey.  Do me a favor go find a mirror and love that person you see there.  You need to love that person because without your love they will never thrive, why would they want to work for someone who hates them?  Get out there, get started, now, today, you can do it!