I would like to announce!

I weighed in yesterday and here are the results.  I weighed 202 last week, I weigh 200 this week a total one week loss of 2 pounds.  I hovered at 202 and 205 for a month or so, drove me mad!  I started at 400 pounds in March of 2010, I now weigh 200.  That means I have managed to lose 200 pounds in 2.5 years.  I have achieved my weight loss goal!  I have lost half of my starting weight, I am half the man I use to be.  I have lost an entire me.  How did all of this transpire, let me tell my story again if you don’t mind!

I went in for my job physical in March, I knew I was in bad shape and I had basically lied to myself abut how out of control I had become.  I weighed in on the scale.  I was told by the nurse that I was too heavy to weigh but she was positive I weighed at least 400 pounds if not more.  I was crushed, “how did I get like this?” I thought for a fleeting moment but I knew all too well how I had gotten there.  I knew if I didn’t make a change right then and there I would be dead in 10-20 years and be completely miserable up to that point.  In 2011 my father passed and being over weight was a direct result, further cementing my commitment to weight loss.  Let me tell you about some of the ways I got started on this journey.

I used to watch Dr Oz a lot, he always stressed starting small.  I decided to stop eating sides that were not healthy and replace them with brown rice.  I slowly quit drinking soda and replace it with green tea, coffee and iced tea.  I stopped eating fast food, that stuff just isn’t good for you.  I stopped going out to eat so much, I was going about every other day, now I go once or twice a month.  Portions were brought into normal people eating realms, this was without a doubt the hardest thing for me and something I fight even today.  I quit smoking, smoking is bad, if you do quit now please, please.  I had to stop drinking for my health and the health of everyone around me, a DUI helped me realise what I already knew, I had to quit drinking.  With these change in place I started to exercise.

I started exercising with the Wii fit Biggest Loser Challenge in March of last year.  After finding out I had lost 100 pounds in a year by eating right I decided I should see how much more I could lose with regular exercise.  I figured a big (about 200 bucks) financial would keep me from giving up when things got tough.  I also told myself to stick with it for a month so it would be a habit and then hard not to work out.  I now dislike not working out at least once a day, wieghts, biking, cardio, running I have to get something in but usually take one day off a week.  It was hard getting started, I couldn’t do very much and became tired after about ten minutes.  I am now able to do cardio, lift weights and do sculpting all in the same day, about 2.5 hours of working out.  I could only do five push ups on my kness, I am now able to do 120 a session in various sets.  I couldn’t do more than a couple jumping jacks, I am able to do them for a few minutes at a time now.  I bought a couple of Biggest Loser DVDs after my Wii got stolen to keep up the cardio, the Wii game had set some great ground rules to follow.  Demand more from yourself, deliver, repeat.

I am now a runner.  I started runnning in place with my trusty Wii fit for about 5-10 a night afvter work.  I got a point where I knew I needed to start running outside.  I started with a hlaf mile after work and increased until I was at a few miles a night.  I took my show to the daytime realm and continued to improve times and distance.  I was asked by DietsInReview.com if I would like to join a local half marathon training team, I said yes of course.  Being sponsored by Prairie Fire Marathon, Holly Perkins Fitness, New Balance and DietsInReview.com is pretty amazing stuff and I hope to make them all proud!  I already plan on doing a full next year at the Flying Pig run in OH, a few years ago I did their 2 mile fun run and barely made it, it is hard to grasp how far I have come in these last couple of years.

Earlier this year I was offered the opportunity to share my story by DietsInReview.com when I asked around about sharing it.  When I hit 255 I knew that I wanted to help others with my story and this was my chance.  They also told Biggest Loser that I had lost the weight with their products help so they put me on their website for a time.  I look forward to doing a follow up with both.

If you have any questions, please ask me and I can do a Q and A blog with the most popular questions I get there and IRL.  Do you want to lose weight and feel better but don’t know where, when or how to start?  Start now, where you’re standing and start small.  You can do this, I know you can because I did and I started as the least motivated person I know.  Believe in yourself because I believe in you, you got this!  Thanks for reading and please please please share this, if I can help one more person lose weight or not go down the path I did then this whole thing will have so much more meaning.  I want to thank God, You have blessed me with so much, thank You.  I want to thank Amy gillock, who has been a psoitive influence for the whole time I have known her, thank honey you’re amazing!  I want to thank my mom for beliveing in me.  I want to thank my sisters for being there for me in my dark times.  I want to thank my family for all the advice.  I want to thank my friends for all the kind words and support.   Thanks everyone, I did it!  Looking forward to th next step of the journey, maintaining and building muscle!  Thanks again for reading.


Current Weight

I weighed in Thursday, I am back to weighing on Thursday, force of habit.  I weighed 202 last week and weigh 203 this week, a gain of 1 pound.  Not what I wanted but I am still very healthy and doing the right things food and exercise wise regularly.  I weighed 400 pounds at the start of this and now weigh 203, a total loss of 197 pounds.

My eating has been less than perfect and I have been really hungry this week.  I was told this would come with the increased running distances.  I have been eating more but trying to make sure all of my choices are healthy.  I have had quite the sweet tooth, having extra ice cream yesterday since the company was offering it up for free and jacking a sandwich bag of crushed M&Ms for my desk.  I am looking forward to BBQ today at work too.  I will try to make time to bike further Sunday to help displace some of these extra calories.  I am running ten miles tomorrow morning so that will help as well.

I will once again praise the cooler temps.  It is so motivating to run and bike in the out of doors when you’re not being beat to death by the heat.  On my run yesterday I felt really good and enjoyed myself.  I am going to try this metabolic mayhem challenge my uncle sent me, I just need to track down some 25# dumb bells and a jump rope.  I am ready to be done with training so I can go back to doing what I want when I want exercise wise.

October 14th is the big day for the half marathon.  I turned in my form officially this week and am looking forward to owning yet another goal.  I ran the Race for Freedom 5k Saturday and posted a pretty great time 26:25 for 3.1 miles.  That’s a 8:31 pace and I am really happy with that.  I was looking to be in just under nines and hit mid eights, ah yeah!  I still really want to go faster, I can feel that I have more speed to unleash.

I am doing 100 push ups a weight training session now and just to see if I was strong enough tried doing decline push ups with my feet up on the third stair.  I was able to manage ten without straining.  Felt pretty good to hit another goal.

That’s enough out of me.  I hope you or someone you know can find strength in reading this blog.  If you want to get healthy and lose weight you can start right now, it is a very possible thing.  I know cause I did it and am doing it on a daily basis.  Get out there and get started, I believe in you.


Update time

Hey all I weighed my self Thursday (well Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) and got more good news.  I weighed 205 last week and weighed in at 202 this week a total loss of 3 pounds for the week.  I started this thing at 400 pounds so this makes my grand total of loss 198 pounds over the course of roughly 2.5 years.  Something that seriously astounds me at times.

I have been pushing myself for more in all aspects of my activities.  I run farther, I lift more, I do more push ups, I bike further.  I have almost met my weight loss goal then on to another one.  It’ll keep me from getting bored which is a good thing.  I missed a weight session last week but that’s no big deal.  I have been told to miss an entire week at time to let the body heal completely.  I like to do this every once in a while but man is it hard on my chest muscles.

I kicked some ass on the bike today logging 18.67 miles today.  I like to make a quick surprise visit to my super awesome and beautiful GF on the way around the city and then I am off to pedal about town on our wonderful bike path.  I do enjoy the path and the areas it takes me through.  Some of the areas may not be the best parts of town but if it’s during the day there isn’t too much to worry about.  I brought a packet of Clif Black Cherry shot bloks (2 servings) and a packet of their shot gel.  I didn’t feel underpowered at any time.  I ate a serving of each at the half hour marks.  Legs started to feel worn on the last 2 miles.  Feeling mildly tired now, drank a post work out drink from MountainWestSupplements as well, I will stick with AminoLast from Gaspari which can also be purchased through MWS.  BTW their customer service kicks ass.

Longest team run yet Saturday with distance being 9 miles.  I went slightly over but my phone GPS and DailyMile never agree, I go with the one that says I went to farthest in the shortest amount of time.  🙂  I dropped team in training a few bucks because they are always nice and let me have a drink or two when I run by, I am glad I finally remembered to have some cash on hand for them.  It feels pretty amazing to be out running before the sun is even peeking over the horizon.  I snapped a couple of fun pics but I havent moved them to a computer that I can post them here yet.  My New Balance shoes are breaking in nicely and feel pretty good.  It also helps to have some of the new anti friction by Gold Bond for the balls of my feet and the inside of my thighs.  The balls of my feet get ate up at work, been meaning to get some more comfortable shoes for the warmer months.  Running is an odd beast at times, 4.5 miles doesn’t seem like that big of a deal then I think of where I was when I went to turn around and I thought to myself wow I ran all the way out here and now I am running back to where I started, impressive.

I continue to push my body harder and harder, I want to see what I am capable of.  If I don’t put limits on myself will I ever stop improving?  Are you limiting yourself by saying I can’t run, neither could I, I will be running a half marathon in six weeks.  Heard yourself say I can’t do push ups?  I could only do five on my knees beginning of March last year, I can now do 100.  Am I bragging, perhaps a little but the meat of the issue is I limited myself so I never achieved, once I set goals and worked towards them I started reaching them.  It never goes perfectly, rarley goes exactly as planned but if I plan realistic reachable goals, I generally reach them.  You can too, get started getting healthy today, you can do it because I did and I was the least motivated person I knew at the time.  Get started today and be your own motivation, you can do it.