Weigh in day was yesterday

I moved weigh ins to Wednesday so here’s what happened this week.  I changed scales because mine is seriously unreliable for accurate readings and I have a goal to meet so I use one at work.  I weighed 208 last week and weigh 205 this week.  That is a one week loss of 3 pounds, a nice loss if I do say so myself.  I weighed 400 in March of 2010 which means I have lost a grand total of 195 pounds.  Still mad about the scale thing but there’s not much left to lose so moving ever forward.

Running has been going extremely well.  Ran along the river Saturday (after I woke up late) and had an enjoyable run.  This was the farthest distance to date with the Local Joes running team.  Once again I would like to thank, Prairie Fire Marathon, New Balance shoes, Holly Perkins Fitness and Diets in Review for this wonderful opporunity.  Run went well and the cooler temps have renewed my love for exercise.  Hard to believe the half is just a couple months away.  I can’t wait to cross that finish line!

A friend at work loaned me the P90X work out DVD series and I am looking forward to getting it started next week.  This should really help my weight drop off and continue to tone me up.  I still want to pick up the Biggest Loser boot camp DVD too.  I am still biking on Sundays, I truely enjoy that and would like to start doing that a few more days a week.   Waiting until train for the half is over to hit it hard again and start getting some more straight fat gone.

I tried making my own protein bars for a few weeks and it went well but I lost interest.  I still use the Biggest Loser cook books for meals during the week.  I can’t say enough about the Biggest Loser products, they work if you use them folks.  I have invented a few of my own little gems for dinner recipies (tuna wraps, chicken and spinach) and I have also been handed a few ideas (cheesy beans and rice, quinoa and spinach with red beans) so the realm of eating well is doing alright.  I am not perfect but I am doing my best daily and the proof is in how I am continuing to change shape.

I received some nice words of encouragement from some folks these last seven days and its always nice to hear from folks also trying to lose weight that find strength in my weight loss journey.  It that kind of stuff the reignites a dwindling flame in me on the days that I don’t want, am too tired, too sore, gone far enough.  It reminds me that I can still help if I let myself.

Thanks for reading about my journey to half my starting weight of 400 pounds.  It hasn’t always been easy but it has always been worth it.  Do you want to lose weight, get healthier, start eating healthier or all of the above?  Start small, don’t over whelm yourself with everything has to change now!  Start small, pick a small life style change and stick to it, gradually add to it and you’ll surprise yourself with how much you can do.  I am doing it and so can you.  Need help, I am on FB and twitter, come find me and ask me question, I would love to help.  Have a great day!





Minor setbacks

I decided to post today since I have been missing last few weeks.  I have changed how I weigh again.  My scale is crazy and weighs randomly.  It said I weighed 200, 205 and 210 last week all in the stretch of a couple minutes.  I noticed a scaled at work had been certified last year so I will start using that.  It said I weigh 208 which is a set back but hey only 8 more pounds.  There’s no doubt in my mind I can do it.  This means I have lost 192 pounds in the last 2.5 years.

How did I become the person people ask about what I wear, how I eat, what supplements I use, what work outs I do, where to go biking, where to run?  I was posting on Dailymile and that hit me like a ton of bricks.  Not saying that anyone regards me as any sort of expert but to have folks ask is pretty darn cool.  Hopefully they get the answers they are seeking.  There are a lot of ways out there to do what I am doing, choose the one that works the best for you!

I went for my bike ride Sunday and decided to go for some distance, a quick pit stop to surprise my lovely GF and I was off.  I picked up the bike path from the east (Town East) Target and headed south.  I went through a few areas I hadn’t seen before and or only seen from the highway.  I found a cool bridge that was part of the city beautification project and snapped a pic of the bike on it.  I wasn’t sure how I would do on the single speed on some of the hills but I only had to get off and push on pedestrian bridges spanning highways.  Another happy discovery is that the Nike running hydration belt I bought in Ohio is perfect for biking.  I wore it chest high and it kept me nice and hydrated yo.  I didn’t take any GU or Clif shot blocks, monster brunch I have eaten earlier fueled me up just fine.  I ended up riding 13.91 miles, my farthest ride yet.  I would like to get to a point where I am biking 20 miles every Sunday.

As I prepared for my run today I noticed it had rained.  I looked at the radar and noticed it may rain while running.  I don’t have much in the way of rain gear but my only real concern is my phone.  I got fully ready and the rain started lightly.  I found the stop watch function on my phone, stretched, started the stop watch and bolted out the door.  Rain was more of a drizzle at first, kind of like a welcome mister fan.  After about .5 to 1.5 the drops got fairly large and started to annoy me when water would drip off of points of my face.  I remembered how much more uncomfortable running in triple digits is and sucked it up.  It really did feel great to run in cooler temps.  Running in the rain is a nice change of pace when running the same route and it is so cooling, there is an almost spiritual quality to it.  I truely enjoyed my run today, it was awesome.

I try to keep this to about three paragraphs so that is enough from me today.  I obviously have taken too long to post, lots of content today.  Who am I?  I am a person that saw themselves trapped in a 400 pound body and decided to get fit before I ended up dead in my 50s.  Want to eat healthier?  Want to lose weight?  Want to live a healthier life style?  You can, pick a small change and stick to it.  That’s how I did it and am doing it and how I will continue to live my life.  I know you can, now get started, no more excuses.  Thanks for reading, have a great day!



Changing days and and update.

I have moved my blog post day to today, just works best for me.  I also decided to move my weigh in day to today. I weighed 205 last week and weigh 203 this week, a one week loss of 2 pounds.  I started out at 400 in March of 2010, I now weigh 203 in August of 2012.  A grand total loss of 197 pounds in around 2.5 years.  I am almost there my fine friends. 🙂

I started a few supplements here and there.  I drink super pump max before weight training, it really helps with energy level while working out.  I take Amino Last while working out, it is supposed to help with post work out energy levels and next day soreness.  The Amino Last really helps with the soreness, not so much with the energy levels.  I also started a multi vitamin geared towards people who work out regularly called Anavite.  I started the multi at the beginning of the week so the Jury is still out.  I changed my protein shake to All Whey, fewer calories per serving almost the same protein load tho at 26g a serving.  I started using coconut, almond milk in my shake, the no flavor added unsweetened is only 35 cals a serving.  Prices are slightly less at Supplement Giant out East for GU but the drive on the scoot through that traffic doesn’t warrant it, I will continue to get my running gear at First gear downtown.  Supplement Giant’s staff are knowledgeable and very helpful.  The same goes for First Gear downtown, the never a question in my mind that when I walk in I will get helped the second I walk in without being driven crazy.  One more shout out to Mountain West Supplements, their customer service is above expectations.

I put more weight on my curl bar, bench press and my leg press, 6 pounds each to be exact.  I was adding more reps last few weeks so I thought it was time to move up weight wise.  I struggle slightly with the curls so I take it easy and don’t rush them so as not to hurt myself and allow my body to adjust to the added weight.  Not too much new in the running area of my life.  We are going 7 miles this Saturday, farthest we have been as a team yet.  Heat is a constant thing and hydration is super important.

I am back on writing down everything I eat and or drink through out the day.  Accountability makes watching what you eat so much easier.  Can I have and extra snack?  Let’s add it up and see, nope I am right at my calories for the day so no extras.  I will say tho I am ready to be done so I can figure out how much I can eat to maintain weight while gaining muscle.  I will at some point have to figure out how to check body fat percentage because I want to stay around 200 while stripping off the fat.

It hasn’t alway been easy but it has alway been worth it.  This is one person’s blog about their weight loss journey.  If you’re trying to find a place to start, start were your feet are planted and start making changes today.  You’ll feel better and live longer.  I know you can because I did.  When I started I was cutting in line to die as quickly as possible due to my terribly unhealthy lifestyle.  I changed it slowly and got healthier, so can you.  Start today, now.  Thanks for reading.