Back on track! Hard to believe I am almost there.

Before I start I just want to say thanks to, Prairie Fire Marathon, Holly Perkins and Biggest Loser again for everything, love you guys!  Thursday is weigh in day folks and if you have been reading for the last few months you know this!  I weighed in at 214 last week and I weighed in at 210 this week.  A one week loss of four pounds.  I started at 400 pounds in March of 2010, I now weigh 210 for a grand total loss of 190 pounds.  The numbers are hard for me to even grasp now.

I am not going to lie I was getting a bit discouraged folks.  That is not to say that I gave up trying, stopped eating right and stopped working out, the changes I have made to myself and my lifestyle are here to stay.   Its hard doing this sometimes and not getting the results you are used to seeing, that you expect, that you really want just adds to it.  That being said, I never gave up.  My eating hasn’t been on point during the weekends but I have been keeping it under control during the week.  I went back to writing everything down and tracking calories, that helped.  I also noticed while writing everything down that I haven’t been drinking nearly enough water so I am back on track there too.

I dropped the dime on some more weight for my gym, which is going very well save for the curls but I will just take it slow until my body adjusts.  It feels good to be advancing there and Holly Perkins our trainer said its great for runners. Holly also told me to start eating a small bit of food before my runs.  I was resistant to this intially because it makes me have to use the restroom during my run, which is not as fun as it sounds at all.  I tried it today and my time was amazing, who knew the expert would be right?  😉 I got my new bike and helmet, took my first ride Sunday, man that damn bike is super dee duper nice!  I look forward to leisurely rides with my GF Amy for sure.  🙂  It is yet another way to get healthy activity in.

Thanks for sharing in my journey to half my weight.  It has been a long, discourgaing at times journey but it has been worth every step.  My tip for this week, get outside and do some yard work.  It needs to be done and it can be added to your burn for the day.  I hate yardwork more than you I am sure of it.  😉  Want to lose weight but don’t know where to start?  Start where ever your standing, plan to walk 15 minutes today and everyday this week and build on it, you can do it.  I know you can because I did and am still doing so.  Have a wonderful week!

Running news y’all!

So here it is another Thursday.  I weighed in at 214 last week and weigh 214 this week, no loss but more importantly no gain.  A total loss of 186 pounds over the last 2 years and three months.  A huge accomplishment that I am pleased to hang my hat on.

News that was promised last week is here this week.  I was asked to join a group locally that is training for a half marathon here in town known as the Prairie Fire, we are the 2012 Local Joes.  We are being trained by Holly Perkins, she is on FB and twitter (@Holly_Perkins) and has been an endless fount of knowledge already, very awesome person to boot!  New Balance offered up new kicks and shirts for the run, I can’t say enough about my new 890v running shoes, very generous of this company!  Also the director of the Prarie Fire has given us free entry, yet more generosity.  I got to meet the gentleman in person and he is one great human being.  I can’t forget Diets In Review, this awesome group has put a story up about my journey allowing me to share with others, got me on the Biggest Loser’s website and now making me a part of yet another amazing opportunity, I don’t know if I can say thank you enough to this wonderful group of people.

I had an issue this week with stomach discomfort but it remained at night for the most part so I was still able to work out.  Spoke with a friend that is a nurse, she made some reccomendation that seem to be working already which makes me very thankful.  I continue to hear it looks like I have lost weight so I must be changing shape without the pounds coming off.  My new bike finally came in and it is pretty awesome, can’t wait for my helmet to come in so I can go for a real spin on it, safety first folks.  I have an Uncle that is an avid bike rider that would most likely drive down directly to kick my butt if I did otherwise.  Hi uncle James!

It’s late and time to chill on the couch.  Need to lose weight but don’t know where to start?  Start here, start now, it only takes getting started.  Demand results, deliver, repeat.  I know you can do it because I did, do a bit of praying, God helped me.  🙂

Seeing Family for the first time since.

Today is Thursday and as we all know that means its weigh in day.  I am not going to lie I was dreading this day my eating this weekend was not very health conscious and I was sure I would gain.  I weighed in at 214 last week and I weighed in at 214 today, no loss but more importantly, no gain.  My grand total to date of loss since 3-10-10 is 186 pounds.  Something I don’t mind bragging about whenever I get the chance to whomever will hold still long enough.  I have only 14 more pounds to go, this is the closest I have ever been to my goal weight.

I was blessed this weekend to have the opportunity to go to Cincinnati OH to see some family and participate in the flying pig run so named because people there said they would run a marathon when pigs fly…  This is a fun week long event, I arrived Friday on no sleep and reasonably hungry but damn glad I was going to be able to see a good part of my mom’s side of the family.  The reaction to my weight loss was inspiring and helped remind me why I started on this journey.  Most of my family has not seen me since I weighed in at 400 pounds, it was fun to see their reactions and bask in all the compliments.  I will brag on my family here, one of my Uncles is a cross country trainer and has been a deep well of advice on my running, one of my Aunts is a professional areobics instructor and had been extremely helpful on what to eat and how to exercise.  What really impressed me is one of my Aunts (Aunt Libby) has managed to lose 70 pounds and met her weight loss goal such a great accomplishment, I am so happy for her!  The race went really well, I entered the 10k and didn’t set any land speed records but posted my personal best recorded time in an offical event.  There was an option to customize your race bib with a slogan, mine read USED 2 B 400#, I am saving it to frame with a race pic and poster from the event along with time slip and participation medal.  Felt pretty damn good considering last time I did the event I did the 5k and took almost as long.

Nothing too much new in other realms, I am back on the calorie counting so I can get down to my goal weight soon.  I haven’t added the extra exercise yet, this will help immensely to reach my goal, I know it and will get it started Monday.  I bought a hydration belt but I couldn’t get it to stay up and abandoned it shortly after starting my run yesterday.  My uncle gave me a used pair of runing shorts which I really like.  I have had no luck in locating discs for my weight bench, starting to irritate me cause I feel the need for more weight.

Thanks for reading and if you’re for a time and place to get started on your journey, that place is here and the time is now.  You can do it, I know you can because I am doing it, one day at a time.  The weather is perfect for getting started!  This journey hasn’t always been easy but it has always been worth it.  Glod bless you and have a great day.

Taking notice

Today is Thursday and as we all know this is my weigh in day.  I weighed 215 last week, I weigh 214 this week, for a one week loss of 1 pound and a grand total of 186 pounds.  I did better keeping my eating under control during the week, free pizza and donuts got the better of me during the weekend.  Work outs happened on time and managed to get a quick run in Saturday.  I haven’t made myself get the extra cardio in yet, looks like that will have to be during the day tho because work now has us on 10 hour days and coming in an hour later which puts me walking in the door at 2 AM.  That’s just too late for all that, I will just have to make myself get up earlier.

I have been not happy with the basically flatted out loss for the last few weeks, I like to lose and with it being a common occurance for over two years its somewhat unsettling when it doesn’t happen.  It is also a tangible reminder that hard work is paying off, because when you see yourself a few times a day in the mirror it’s hard to notice the subtle changes your body is going through.  This week those around me have been a huge help and probably don’t even know it.  I have had a few people tell me I look thinner than ever and another few have noticed that I am becoming more muscular.  My sponsor even said, “hey man *punches me in the chest lightly* look at these pecs, your weight training is starting to show!”  When I don’t have those big numbers I am used to getting staring me in the face every Thursday this kind of stuff keeps me afloat mentally.  Trust me I remind myself that it isn’t all about the numbers and the mere fact that I am working out everyday and eating is a testament to my devotion but damn it, I want numbers some days!  Fuck one pound, damn it all!

My bicycle that I allowed my myself to buy as a motivational measure is still in limbo but should be here mid May.  I still need to get a helmet, I am looking into getting a half lid for a motorcycle so I can use it on the scoot, bike and eventually when I get a motorcycle.  I feel like the bicycle is a good motivation because it looks cool and it can be used to maintain fitness and since what I think is all that matters to me that must be right.  I haven’t been on a bike in forever so a helmet is going to be 100% needed.

Well that’s all for me today, stayed tuned next week as I will have exciting things to report, word.  Thanks for sharing my journey with me, I am one person trying to reach half of his starting weight of 400 pounds.  It hasn’t always been easy but it has always been worth it.  Looking for the inspiration to get started?  I believe in you, start now, you can do it.