Weigh in day

Today is Thursday which is my weigh in day.  This day got chosen for me by the biggest loser challenge for the wii fit.  I did the six week challenge twice and both times the weigh in day was Thursday so it stuck even after the wii got stolen when my house got broken into.  I have just a little cheap sunbeam scale from walmart, I always think it weighs me too light but when I throw my weights on, its dead on.  I have considered going into a couple of the local neighborhood doctoring type places and asking to use a certified scale but haven’t yet.

On to the good news.  I weighed in at 220 last week and weighed 219 today.  One week loss of one pound which is great and a grand total loss of 181 pounds which is a full grown man.  My eating this week was a bit awry due to stress.  I am not going to flip on it too much right now since things are still moving in the right direction.  If I start to gain then I will change things around in that area. 

I didn’t have time to get weights in last week at all and paid for it big time this week.  I was sore Tuesday after weight training and my run Wednesday was tough on the sore and tight muscles.  If I can avoid that little error again I sure in the hell will.  I have been slowly extending the length of my run and am at 6.2 miles now.  I am looking forward to a couple of 10k runs this spring and summer.  Half marathon in August?  You better believe it.

Well its late and getting time for bed.  It hasn’t always been easy but its always been worth it.  I hope you find some strength in my blog, if I can save one person from the struggles I have encountered then maybe they have not been in vain.  God bless.


Hello world!

Hi framily and friends, after a few requests and much deliberation on my part I have decided to do a blog about my weight loss, my life, maybe answer some questions, that kind of good stuff.  I am going to keep it positive here, I feed off of positivity now a days.  That being said things that happened in my life to get me here that weren’t always positive at the time, getting a DUI sucked, finding out I weighed 400 pounds was a crushing blow to my ego, my father’s recent passing was way harder on me mentally than I anticipated.  What I did with these crappy life events is did my best to use them to motivate myself.  I quit drinking, which turned out to be a struggle that I wasn’t able to manage on my own without the help of a 6 week recovery and ongoing support of my AA bretheren.  I quit smoking, I had to, it’s a terrible, expensive, dirty and deadly habit.  I started losing weight and getting my health back under control, not all at once, little baby steps to this point in time where I weigh 180 pounds less.  My father’s passing was a direct result of being overweight and the health complications that come with it, further cementing my commitment to myself to get healthy.

Some warnings, I can’t spell real well and my grammar stinks, I am going back to college soon so that should improve.  I swear at times, I am trying to get this under control, maybe this blog will help.  See folks positive!  I am a bit easily distracted so things may run on or jump from subject to the next finishing stories, other things up randomly or not at all ala Quantom Leap.  I am forgetful so this little bloggy poo may slip my mind here and there but my goal is to update it every Thursday after work.  Things I don’t mind are constructive criticism, questions and positive feedback.  Be warned yet again I am pretty open so be careful what you ask, you will get an answer.

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